Dr Vicky Prokopiou helps Dentists and their teams to focus on their strengths, communicate effectively, grow their loyal patients, and to attain excellent patient care by being consistent and assertive.

Dr. Vicky uses her warm, expressive, and stylish personality to communicate in a relatable and engaging way. Her emotional and intuitive intelligence gives you a powerful personal journey.

She offers guidance through her insights and experience as a practice owner and clinician.

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I grew up in a bilingual household full of culture and with lots of family members always around. I remember my childhood vividly. My migrant parents worked hard to instil their values of education and hard work in me. Through their hard work, I was blessed with the opportunity to learn ballet/tap/jazz, play piano and trumpet, go on a European music tour and learn the Greek language, culture, and folk dancing. 

Most importantly I was also shown that life is about balance and so I fell in love with hobbies such as music, art, and beach fishing from a very young age. My love for yoga, pilates and barre has grown exponentially since having children.

I am a hospital pharmacy graduate with many years of community pharmacy experience. Since graduating from Dentistry in 2010 I have owned and operated metro and rural dental practices, all Accredited. I have had experience working for big and small businesses, under various employers, and have started three successful practices from scratch.

My last business thrived through 5 years of drought in a town six and a half hours drive from Sydney with 3000 residents. During that time I married and also underwent IVF and conceived my three gorgeous children.

I currently run a successful boutique dental practice, iDental Surgery in Newtown with an amazing growing team. We follow our customised Above It Online Training Course and have found this to be a game-changer for smooth practice operations.

Like you, I firmly believe that growth can only happen when you have the mindset to move forward and conquer your fears in Dentistry. Keep ahead of your colleagues and see how our courses can help you and your practice.

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